Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 9/26/22


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On Monday's Mark Levin Show, the U.S has some former Presidents who have done very nasty things and the Department of Justice did nothing at all. In fact, many Attorneys General and federal prosecutors routinely mishandle classified information as they travel in their vehicles, and no one prosecutes them. But Biden's Department of Justice decided to use a SWAT team to raid a pro-life Catholic activist. After a judge threw out the case, AG Merrick Garland picked it up. The family was raided by a SWAT Team with 15 vehicles and all 7 of their small children watched in terror. Then, the White House and its economic advisor are backpedaling on the impending global recession. No matter how hard the Democrats try to spin inflation, the American people know what they're spending at the grocery store and the gas pump. Later, why isn't the media covering the carnage left behind by Hurricane Fiona in Puerto Rico? The media hasn't been focused on talking to FEMA or reporting how many homes still don't have electricity. Why won't the media hold Biden accountable on his disaster response the way they do to Gov Ron DeSantis and others? Afterward, Robert Cahaly, Chief Pollster and Founder of The Trafalgar Group, joins the show to discuss how many polls are creating narratives that affect voters rather than reflect voter sentiment. Cahaly says that recent polls show a sizable Republican advantage on the generic ballot.

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