The Best Of Mark Levin - 7/30/22


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If invaded by China, Taiwan must launch a retaliatory attack on China's mainland. Unlike the United States, Taiwan is preparing for China's attack. The Biden Administration is too focused on chasing Donald Trump, destroying fossil fuels, debating how open the border should be, and how to redefine a recession when they can't even define what a woman is. America's founding was debated and adopted in Independence Hall in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. What happened in America has never happened in the course of history and it likely won't ever happen again. America is the greatest human experiment in the history of mankind. A fantastic example built on the foundation of Athens, Rome, and the British Parliament. The Justice Department is criminally investigating former President Donald Trump. They moved from politicization to criminalization. What would Americans think if FDR used the IRS to attack political enemies or if JFK used the FBI to spy on Martin Luther King Jr.? What about LBJ using federal law enforcement to spy on the campaign headquarters of Barry Goldwater? These Democrats did that and much worse when they were in power. The country is now in a recession and stagflation is soon to follow. President Biden will blame big oil and big meat for shortages, not his business-stifling policies. While the White House will say that we're not in a recession, what we are in is defined as a recession by every other economist not working in the Administration.

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