The Best Of Mark Levin - 8/6/22


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President Biden authorized the killing of terrorist Ayman al-Zawahri by a CIA drone strike. However, when then-President Trump ordered a strike on Qassam Solemani and Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, he was trashed by Biden for it. Nancy Pelosi has completed her plan, landed in Taiwan, and has more testosterone than Biden, Austin, MIlley, and the radical libertarian isolationists. China is massively larger than Taiwan in population, military strength, and naval capacity. China is on the move, stealing technology, and leveraging the full power of its government-owned economy to strengthen its military. China's goal is "the great rejuvenation" of their country to expand the communists' national power. Whether we like it or not we’re on a course towards war with China because they want a war.

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