Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 8/11/22


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On Thursday's Mark Levin Show, the media is on the side of tyranny and this program is on the side of liberty. Nobody cares what the cable news leftists and Liz Cheney think about the FBI raid on Trump's home. As you were told on this program Merrick Garland had to know about this raid and today, he confirmed that he did. The US Attorney in DC has nothing on Trump, so he is using a criminal statute and looking for evidence to fit the crime of his choosing. That's why they skipped the subpoena process and went straight for a search warrant when they knew Trump wasn't there, and they prevented his lawyers from observing while they went through the house including Melania Trump's closet. Then, former Attorney General Michael Mukasey suggests that AG Garland said that when possible, they use subpoenas. So, what then was the reason that made it impossible for the FBI to go this route? Could it be that the DOJ abused the warrant process to see if they could find evidence of another crime under the 'plain view doctrine? If so, it's a sleazy Stalinist approach to misuse the law to try and find a crime they can assign to Trump. The presumption of guilt instead of the presumption of innocence. Mind you, but for, Judicial Watch's legal filing resulting in the Judge's Order for the DOJ to explain why they took these extreme measures, Garland might still be silent on the issue. But make no mistake Garland's call for the warrant to be unsealed has only come after Judicial Watch made the same request to hold the government accountable. Later, what probable cause did the FBI have? Obama and Nixon have done far worse, and nobody kicked down their door in a raid. It seems the FBI is forgetting that we are a republic and as a society, we are unraveling because of the current president. Afterward, the ruling class is in full revolt because they're afraid of losing their power. Donald Trump took them on and won, now they're mad because he's a danger. This has taken them a hundred years and now they are at the precipice. Republicans need to get tough if they win a majority in the House and use their congressional power to push back on Biden's Mussolini-esque executive orders and to defund other bad policies like the 87,000 new IRS Agents, among others.

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