When To Sell If You’re Losing on Stock And Options Trades


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After this episode, you'll know just what to do next time you're losing on a stock or options trade. As you begin searching for answers to life’s challenges, don’t seek security, seek adventure. seek security, seek adventure

Welcome to the Market Adventures Podcast where I believe everyone should be able to participate and secure their future using the stock market – so I build simplified content to empower and enrich everyone. My name is Alex Cunningham and we live in a society where financial education is not prioritized. Because of this, I’ve decided to document my journey to creating financial freedom through the stock market for my family and teaching you to do the same.

Financial freedom can mean something different for each of us and, not surprisingly, there are many different vehicles one can use to get there. It's important to understand who you are and what you want when deciding which vehicle is right for you. The stock market is a great vehicle for those who want freedom from the physical and social burdens of traditional business.

In this episode, I give you an example of a time when I violated my own trading plan. Here are 3 scenarios to sell your position when you're losing on a stock or options trade.

3 potential reason:

Biden Vaccination mandates for companies

Fibonacci 0% technical level

Seasonal weakness

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