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Frankfurter, wiener, glizzy, hot dog - whatever you call it - the food is a global staple and has become an American icon. It’s time to celebrate National Hot Dog Month on Meat and Three! While the tubed food is pervasive throughout the rest of the world, it is a multi-billion dollar industry in America. Whether hot dogs are kosher or vegan, hailing from Coney Island or Chicago, we’ll take a look at their history and how they are made and consumed today. Travel back all the way to the stone age, get an education from Hot Dog University, and even take a trip to a hot dog factory floor!

Further Reading:

Bruce Kraig is an emeritus professor of history at Roosevelt University in Chicago and the author of two books on hot dog history: Hot Dog: A Global History, and Man Bites Dog: Hot Dog Culture in America.

Read Frederick Kaufman’s book, A Short History of the American Stomach and his wonderful articles: The Secret Ingredient about kosher food and Fat of the Land about hot dogs.

John Carruthers is a journalist, cook, and hot dog connoisseur. You can read his books Eat Street and ManBQue.

Grab a bite at Grilled on Suydam street in Bushwick, or grab a booth at Abe’s Pagoda for your next night out.

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