A Reverend & A Buddhist Discuss Supernatural Bible Changes w/Rev. Bill Bean #83


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Welcome to another episode of Merkaba Chakras. Today, we go deep into the supernatural bible changes, commonly known in pop culture as Mandela Effects with life-long bible researcher and pastor, Mr. Bill Bean. Many people worldwide who recall 1st hand experience of fond memories of certain bible verses, which now act as residual in movies and advertisements because the printed bible verses are not what many people recall. We’ll discuss if the supernatural Bible changes are trying to wake its readers up and give clues to what is happened to our reality? Rev. Bill Bean, welcome to Merkaba Chakras!

Everyone, grab the oldest bible you can find and let’s go over common scriptures that many believe have changed.

Isaiah 11, 6

Matthew 6, 9-13

Mark 6, 14

Genesis 1, 1

Genesis 2, 1-4

Matthew 18, 20

Exodus 13, 12-15

Isaiah 8, 12

Mark 10, 27

Ames 8, 11-12

Daniel 7, 25

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