Unpacking Obstetric Violence and Trauma-Informed Care


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What does psychological and physical safety look like in an obstetric patient relationship? This is just one of the many questions discussed in this value-packed episode of the Midwifery Wisdom Podcast. Podcast Co-Host Augustine Colebrook, CPM, MA-MCHS chat with special guests Kesha Zaffino, JD, IBCLC; Nathan Riley, MD; and Jayvon Muhammad, CPM, MA-MCHS; and Tracey Vogel, MD about the recent ACOG Committee Opinion on Trauma-Informed Care.

Show Resources
-ACOG Committee Opinion
-Podcast episode with Nathan Riley & Tracey Vogel
-"Obstetrics and Gynecology Needs Palliative Care"
-Midwifery Wisdom Collective Website

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