MI098: Socially Responsible & ESG Investing w/ Brendan Erne


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  • 9:24 - What ESG investing is and why these new portfolios are needed
  • 17:09 - What data shows for socially conscious companies’ returns versus the broader market
  • 25:52 - How sector-concentrated ESG funds impact investors and what solutions there are to avoid these seeming limitations and still invest with your values in mind
  • 28:26 - The future of socially conscious investing in the next five to ten years
  • 34:11 - How to use technology as leverage for your career
  • 37:37 - If individual investors hold too much power and if it is a good thing for society as a whole
  • 43:17 - Where to start in socially conscious investing and how to get involved in the right way
  • And much, much more!


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