Brewers stay afloat, but is the ship still sinking? (08.15.2022)


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Thanks to some high-wire acts, the Brewers were able to win half their games last week, but Milwaukee also couldn't pick up ground in the National League Central. Host JR Radcliffe and Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reporter Curt Hogg look at what, if anything, can be done to jumpstart the offense after a rough week. A check-in with a struggling Christian Yelich and a lightly-used Keston Hiura. Another glance at the infamous Josh Hader trade, including the revelation that Taylor Rogers came to Milwaukee with an injury. Has Craig Counsell changed the way he manages bullpens over time? Plus: An unlikely triple, Jackson Chourio continues to rise, an amazing defensive performance and more.
Music intro: Music clips: "ABC" by Jackson 5, "Red Hot Memories (Ice Cold Beer)" by Jerry Lee Lewis, "Pursuit Music Logo" on SoundCloud and Bob Uecker on WTMJ 620-AM radio.

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