Pitching struggles and bats carrying the load? That's weird. Oh, is Yelich back? (05.16.2022)


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The offense is churning and the pitching is just so-so; it's absolutely what we envisioned for the 2022 Brewers, right? Brewers reporter Todd Rosiak and host JR Radcliffe look at a 3-3 week, including a wild loss in Cincinnati that also featured a cycle from Christian Yelich. (Don't say it, don't say it don't sa --) Is Christian Yelich back? Will the Brewers seek out other options in center field? How concerning are the persistent slow starts of some on the pitching staff, including Brandon Woodruff and Freddy Peralta? If Willy Adames is injured, does it open the door for a top prospect to make his big league debut? Also, Remembrew When looks back at one of the most unlikely cycles in Brewers history, and though the defense has been spotty, "3 Up 3 Down" highlights one of the plays of the year.
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