Episode 29: Fire Island House Music 7


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If you've ever been to either the Pines or Cherry Grove on Fire Island...then you've been blessed to experience what I say is the closest thing to heaven on earth. Fire Island is truly a place like no other.
Starting with the moment you get onto the ferry in Sayville to carry you over and continuing on with every single moment you're there...there's something magically different about it. That difference definitely includes the music. And no matter the time -- 3AM or 3PM -- as you walk you'll ALWAYS hear music wafting through the air from the stunning houses that dot the boardwalks. And we're not talking just any music. It's OUR music. There's a very particular sound that permeates the island. What is that sound? Well, I'd say it's classic house music with major influences from soul and disco. This is house music that has stunning melodies, rhythms and vibes. It's sometimes sweeping and soaring, sometimes laden with gospel choirs and sometimes groovy and hip shaking. But what it always is is classic and timeless. It's versatile enough that it's perfect for lazy days by the pool or for hands-in-the-air nights at the club.
Every year as Summer shines upon us I mix this set with a nod to the island. For those of you that have experienced this magic...then you know what I've just described is magically true and accurate. And if you haven't experienced it...then I hope that you can close your eyes and visualize the beauty of the island as the mix plays along. As always, I've mixed this set with every ounce of love that I've got to give. From my heart...to your ears. ENJOY!!!
01. Janice Robinson/There Must Be Love/Disco Juice Piano Intro Mix
02. Dimitri From Paris/Music Saved My Life/Extended Discomix
03. Janice Robinson/Freedom/Epic Classic Mix
04. Tracy Hamlin/I Stopped Loving You/Richard Earnshaw Revision
05. Beverley Knight/Everything's Gonna Be Alright/Extended Mix
06. DJ Marlon/Open Your Love/Kevin McKay Extended Remix
07. Barbara Tucker/Most Precious Love/Sebastian Creeps & Julian Back Remix
08. Bakermat/The Spirit/Extended Mix
09. LaShun Pace/Ain't Nobody/Extended Mix
10. David Penn/Hallelujah/Odyssey Inc. Extended Remix
11. Kevin Haden/Who Is He/Dr Packer Extended Remix
12. Billy Porter/Love Yourself/Ralphi Rosario Anthem Mix
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