Babies After Dark


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In this week's podcast, Gina and Nedra talk about parenting babies in the wee hours. From what to expect with feeding, to the importance of skin to skin and close contact, to a discussion about safe sleeping arrangements, it's all covered in this episode. As promised, in the discussion of skin to skin, Gina mentioned that she would provide references for thermoregulation (including temperature adjustment up and down to help babies regulate their own body temperature). Here are a couple resources to for your perusal, including an amazing study that shows breasts can adapt differently to accommodate twins' needs! Breast-Infant Temperature with Twins during Shared Kangaroo Care: Early skin-to-skin contact for mothers and their healthy newborn infants: The effect of mother and newborn early skin-to-skin contact on initiation of breastfeeding, newborn temperature and duration of third stage of labor:

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