MYM #61 Steve Weber ~ Life is like a Box of Chocolates


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Love this interview with Steve Weber. He monetized his looks. He looks like Tom Hanks and he was the spokesperson for Bubba Gump Shrimp for 15 years.
Now he has a daily YouTube show called American Gumption Morning Show.
I met Steve at the NSA Mountain West Chapter where he always showed up dressed as Forrest Gump. His was very entertaining but more than that he was and still is a servant leader always highlighting and bringing out the best in people.
Steve shares how he went from just talking about monetizing the fact that he looks like Tom Hanks to actually doing something about it. He had what he called that moment of truth where he had to decide if you was going to act on it or just talk about it.
He shared lots of useful information and in a fun way!

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