Ariel's Bobrinskoy: Expect inflation to hurt growth stocks


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Charlie Bobrinskoy, vice chairman of Ariel Investments and a noted value manager, says that he expects inflation to be more than 'transitory,' and that if prices start to rise, it could spell some trouble for growth stocks. Meanwhile, even with the markets around record-high levels, he believes there are still plenty of reasonably priced companies that should help value investors continue their recent comeback. Also on the show, Zachary Karabell of RiverTwice Capital discusses his latest book on the reclusive Brown Brothers Harriman and why it has been an American powerbroker, Alia Dudum of Lending Club talks about the firm's latest Reality Check Paycheck-to-Paycheck research, which shows that Americans are struggling to stay ahead of their bills, and Chuck talks about his latest adventures in consolidating his personal accounts.

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