Meme stock investors are changing risks for the rest of us


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Rick Bookstaber, chief risk officer at Fabric RQ, talks about the changing face of risk in the current market environment, running from how rising inflation and interest rates play in to how the 'gamefying' of the market and the eruption of meme stocks that have defied traditional market forces has the potential to impact all investors, even the classic buy-and-hold types who avoid hot stock plays. Also on the show, Anqi Chen, research economist at the Center for Retirement Research, discusses Americans' need for long-term care and how most people are unprepared to cope with the problem, Stan Treger, behavioral scientist at Morningstar, covers research on how few investors want cryptocurrency available in their retirement plans, Kyle Guske of New Constructs puts a Fidelity sector fund in the Danger Zone, and Chuck answers a question about non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and whether he's joining the latest investment trend.

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