Osterweis' Vataru: Inflation and the market feel different this time


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Eddy Vataru, portfolio manager for the Osterweis Total Return Fund, says that with the Federal Reserve acknowledging this week that higher rates are coming -- even if it's not for 18 months -- and working to manage inflation, it's clear that the central bank is starting to change its tune on stimulus and quantitative easing to avoid future problems. He notes that up to now, the Fed has been playing with 'the same playbook' it has used in past downturns and crises, but that the current situation involves a faster snap-back and recovery period, and that the Fed's playbook has been amped up by aggressive stimulus, which he says needs to change to avoid future market problems. Also on the show, Howard Dvorkin, chairman of Debt.com, talks about how people can make the most of Amazon Prime Days next week without letting the urge to splurge get the best of them, Daniel Ashcraft of Gateway Investment Advisers talks about using covered-call strategies to get more consistent results during times of heightened volatility, and Lauren Hill, research analyst and portfolio manager at Westwood Investment Management talks large-cap stocks in the Market Call.

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