Fed isn't surprising or scaring anyone, but may not be helping much either


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Doug Roberts, chief investment strategist for the Channel Capital Research Institute, says in the Big Interview that the Federal Reserve has made its plans clear, and that is that rates and inflation will rise in the next year or two, but they stopped short of any action that would make nervous investors leave the market now. He suggested that investors should stand pat with well-balanced, diversified portfolios as they wait for the paths of rates and inflation to become more clear. Also on the show, Tom Lydon of TFTrends.com makes a unique precious metals fund his 'ETF of the Week,' Ted Rossman of CreditCards.com discusses how Americans are preparing to overextend themselves, raising credit card balances in the process as they unleash their unfulfilled desires of the last 16 months. In the Market Call, James Abate of the Centre Funds -- portfolio manager of Centre American Select Equity (DHAMX) -- talks stocks.

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