AAM's Colyer: 'Don't fight the Fed' now means 'Let it ride'


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Scott Colyer, chief executive officer at Advisors Asset Management, says that for all the talk that the Federal Reserve has started talking about hiking interest rates, he doesn't see it happening until 2022 or beyond, and that means that investors don't have to change strategies now to stay in line with the central; bank. He expects returns for the rest of the year to loosely resemble what happened during the first six months, an upward grind made on the back of increasing worries. Also on the show, Dave Stinnett, head of Vanguard Strategic Retirement Consulting, talks about the 20th anniversary edition of Vanguard's 'How America Saves' study, David Trainer, founder of New Constructs, puts the Robinhood IPO in 'the Danger Zone,' and Rob Spivey, director of research for Valens Securities, talks stocks in the Market Call.

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