Expect more volatility, less gains for the remainder of the year


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Different analysts taking a fundamental and a technical view of the market both think that strong conditions will carry into the second half of 2021, but think returns may be muted compared to the last six months. Rusty Vanneman, chief investment strategist at Orion Portfolio Solutions, says that 'the growth rate of the growth rate' is slowing, which is likely to slow the market or at least make it more choppy. Meanwhile, Jeffrey Bierman of TheoTrade.com says the market is overbought now from a technical standpoint, which eventually should play out in a correction and heightened volatility. Also on the show, John Cole Scott, chief investment officer at Closed-End Fund Advisors and the executive chairman of the Active Investment Company Alliance, talks about the narrowing discounts in closed-end funds but warns investors not to wait for them to widen before buying, and Daniel Kline, lead advisor at 7Investing.com talks stocks in the Market Call.

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