The REIT market is deciding if 'office space is the next retail'


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Scott Crowe, chief investment officer at CenterSquare Investment Management, says that real estate investment trusts currently are cheap, currently trading where it was pre-pandemic. That said, some of that issue stems from certain parts of the real estate world being scary; the pandemic-driven change to working from home will impact office space, Crowe discusses whether office space could have the same dismal-looking future as shopping malls and retails spaces. Also weighing in on real estate today is Mark Hines from Left Brain Investment Research, who highlights a residential mortgage REIT as a 'bond-like equity' that can help investors balance out a portfolio. Later in the show, Matt Schulz of LendingTree discusses how consumers' savings habits appear to be changing late in the pandemic, and Ken Mahoney of Mahoney Asset Management talks ETFs in the Market Call.

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