Reasonably Amazing Adventures of Flash Gordon Ep 5


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ADULT THEMES AND LANGUAGE - not for listeners under age 13

A tongue-in-cheek application of the classic Flash Gordon radio serial. In this hilarious send-up, Flash deals with hawk-men and a strange queen.

Flash Gordon was played by Tom Konkle, later famous for nothing in particular. The cast also includes Rhiannon McAfee as Dale Arden, Gino C. Vianelli as Captain Thune, Stephanie Stearns Dulli as the Witch Queen Azora, Pete Lutz as Sal. Also starring Kurtis Bedford as Zug and starring Pete Handelman as the announcer and Hawkman with a hose. The original radio series broke with the strip continuity in the last two episodes, when Flash, Dale and Zarkov returned to Earth. (We broke it completely after we did a faithful version of episode one.) Edit and Sound effects by Tom Konkle. Music by Bryan Arata. The comedy version script by Tom Konkle. Producers Kurtis Bedford and Tom Konkle started the Mindstream Players.

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