Episode 338: Interview with Defense Attorney and Author of BONE DEEP, Joel Schwartz


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You might remember episodes 287 and 288 when we covered the Betsy Faria case. Betsy was found dead in her home just two days after Christmas in 2011. Immediately suspicion fell on her husband Russ Faria, even though there was evidence pointing in the direction of one of Betsy’s friends, Pam Hupp. We got to sit down with one of the authors of Bone Deep, the first and only book on this case Joel Schwartz. Joel was Russ Faria’s defense attorney in both of his trials and ultimately got Russ exonerated. Joel was an absolute pleasure to have on the show and we hope you enjoy his one of a kind insight on this case!

BONE DEEP by Joel Schwartz & Charles Bosworth Jr.

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