Episode 342: The Disappearance of Heidi Allen Part 2


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Heidi Allen disappeared on Easter morning back in 1994 from the convenient store she’d worked at for years. Her car was still parked in the parking lot when police arrived, her purse, keys and jacket were all behind the counter and there was still money on the counter and in the register, tipping off the police that this was not a crime motivated by robbery. The police began to look into two men after receiving a few tips and were pretty sure that they had the right guys… but did they? In part two we’ll go over some new information that has been released over the years that has led to new theories. Unfortunately none of these claims have ever led to finding Heidi. If you have any information regarding this case or any information regarding Heidi Allen’s whereabouts you can call the Oswego Police Department: 888-349-3411

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Scrapped by Lisa Peebles and John O'Brien

Documentary About Heidi's Case

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