More Sonic Fiction


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In this podiobook: More Sonic Fiction is the short story anthology sequel to the successful Sonic Fiction exclusively at its predecessor, More Sonic Fiction does not fit into any one genre. Instead, it is an exciting mix of today's best short stories contributed by authors from Sonic Fiction, other authors, and some new faces. These raw and unflinching stories include futuristic science fiction, political and religious satire, heartfelt prose, enchanting fantasy, comedy, drama, and even a dash of horror.Not all the stories are for everyone, but everyone can find a story. So sit back and relax. Grab a favorite drink, and once again, let us tell you a story...Edited and narrated by Jeffrey KaferFeatured authors:- Derek Gour - William L. Fulks - M.H. Bonham - Mark Long - Jason Pomerantz - Jack Mangan - John Farrell - Patrick J. Brannon - Nora Fleischer - Stephen BarberFor news and discussion about More Sonic Fiction as well as chats with the authors and exclusive content, please join us at the Sonic Fiction Fans Yahoo group.

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