Elton John


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This Rocket Man is known for his flamboyant costumes and musical oeuvre. Elton John began his career as a talented pianist in the London suburbs where he created his debut album, “Empty Sky”, which began the course for Elton’s 7 consecutive #1 albums. The rock ‘n roll legend’s rush of superstardom soared in the 70s with money and fame, however he also struggled with burnout, drug use, and personal crises. While navigating tabloids and scandals in the 80s, Elton reached sobriety and supported his loved ones during the AIDS epidemic. With new music and a newfound outlook in the 90s, Elton was inducted into the Rock’ N Roll Hall of Fame, won an Academy Award, and found love with his husband, David Furnish. Now, Elton continues to build his legacy with musical collaborations and another world tour. Although he’s had a great ride in the last 30 years, Elton knows he’ll keep on rockin’. Watch Behind the Music now on Paramount+.

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