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This artist is known for his use of Auto-Tune and pushing the boundaries of music. As a child, T-Pain knew he wanted to leave his hometown of Tallahassee to pursue his musical talents. He eventually discovered Auto-Tune and created a remix of Akon’s “Locked Up”, dubbed “F***ed Up”, which led to Akon recognizing T-Pain’s potential. T-Pain pursued his music career and came out with his first single, “I’m Sprung” which became a #1 hit. Critics thought that T-Pain’s signature Auto-Tune sound was a gimmick, however they were proved wrong when the single “Buy You a Drank” shot to #1. T-Pain marched to his own tune and what felt good to him, a genre he calls “Hard & B”. Now, he’s a star with four Billboard top 10 singles and his own show “T-Pain’s School of Business”. He even proved his natural singing ability by winning The Masked Singer and performing an NPR Tiny Desk Concert. T-Pain continues to represent his genre defining sound and has shaped the direction of pop music, all while building his legacy. Watch Behind the Music now on Paramount+.

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