[MM]26. Jerry Parker


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In this episode, we talk with Jerry Parker from Chesapeake Capital.

Chesapeake has always been a classic trend following CTA. "Trend Following + Nothing" is their firm motto.

Over the years Jerry has focused on adding markets to their portfolio. They were one of the few CTAs to trade single stock futures. They started trading single stocks in the '90s and continue to do so today. They do not trade any stock indices.

About 50% of their portfolio is commodities with FX, FI and single stocks making up the balance. They do trade BTC futures. They have added quite a few of the more exotic/less liquid commodities in the past few years: milk, lumber, sunflower seeds, maze, rough rice, palm oil, iron ore, rubber and look forward to trading the commodity markets in China. His philosophy is to trade any and all markets that are liquid and add to their portfolio diversification.

Jerry and I talk about his start as a Turtle Trader. What is CTA, Managed Futures, Trend Following. We talk about what he has learned over 4+ decades in the market. Why he hates vol targeting. Why discipline and sticking to your plan is the key to life.

I hope you enjoy this conversation with Jerry as much as I did...

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