S3E4- " A Sincere Faith in Regular People" with Temitayo Ade-Oshifogun


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Dr. Ibe-Lamberts is joined by Mr. Temitayo Ade-Oshifogun, an engineer, entrepreneur, and fashion enthusiast, to have a very rich and introspective conversation about his story growing up as a Nigerian-American in Chicago and how he became inspired to fuse his spiritual faith and his love for fashion to develop two companies, Sincerely Ritchurd and Regular Ppl. They talk about bridging the gap, and a little bit about cryptocurrency...and why it will matter in the Transnational Black community. That and more! Subscribe, rate and review the podcast. Visit us at blacktransnational.wixsite.com/podcast Learn more about Sincerely Ritchurd by visiting www.SincerelyRitchurd.com (currently down for maintenance) Learn more about Regular Ppl at www.regularppl.co Learn more about Cryptocurrency at www.Ourbloc.org

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