S4E3- "Parents Just Don't Understand": Part 2 of an Intergenerational Conversation between African Immigrants and their Children


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This is the second installment of a special, collaborated miniseries recorded live in collaboration with the PansaPansa Podcast. We continue our a three-part discussion series by featuring the voices of those who are children of African immigrants. Moderated by Dr. Ibe-Lamberts, six speakers representing Ghana, Nigeria, Togo, Liberia, Guinea and Congo speak about their experiences growing up immigrants, negotiating their cultural identity and wishing to be heard by their parents. See how it’s broken down below and stay tuned for part 3 coming up. Part 1- Parents speak (Dec. 4th, 2021) Part 2- children speak (Jan. 29th, 2022) Part 3- Both listen to one another (TBD)

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