The Supply Chain of Semiconductors with Intel's Tom Quillin [RECAST]


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As Congress makes advances on a new Chips Act, it is a fitting time to revisit our previous episode on semiconductor production, featuring Intel's Tom Quillin. Twenty years ago, the U.S. held over 37% of the world’s semiconductor manufacturing capabilities. Today, that share has dropped to just 12%. As demand for chips rises, we are faced with a pressing dilemma: rely on other nations for essential chips, or take the needed steps to bolster our semiconductor ecosystem here at home. Host Elisa is joined by Tom Quillin of Intel to discuss the semiconductor supply chain and future goals for manufacturing in the U.S. What are our needs for semiconductors now? How do we protect, train, and expand the chip-making workforce at home? And what strides is Congress taking to help us outpace our competition? Tom Quillin leads Global Security Policy for semiconductor supply chains at Intel Corporation: More on Intel’s role in semiconductor production: References: H.R. 7178, Chips for America Act: H.R. 4521, America COMPETES Act of 2022: E.O. 14017, America’s Supply Chains. Feb. 24th, 2021: The EU Chips Act:

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