Tech Issues & Neck Issues Feat Ellie (GOD OF WAR: RAGNAROK Impressions, Mick Gordon Speaks Out, Horizon MMO Rumored, Control 2 Announced, FIFA Is Making NFT Games)


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News To Reviews is a video game news and impressions podcast. Each week Zac and Lachy sit down to discuss the most interesting stories in gaming and impressions on the latest games. Forget your troubles listening to a couple of friends (and an awesome guest) talking about what they love most! New episode every Monday or Tuesday.

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***This week special guest Ellie***


Mick Gordon Doom’s ID software- 13:35

Rumored Horizon MMO in the works- 23:53

FIFA gets into the NFT gaming space- 32:35

Control 2 announced- 38:40


God Of War: Ragnarok impressions- 48:32

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