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Even after (?) years Cindy and Sarah still have a lot to learn about menopause! In this episode they take a quiz together and literally find out how much they know (or don't!) about what to expect during "the change". They try to get the facts straight on perimenopause vs menopause and go deep into some of the symptoms....the good, the bad, and the weird! Insomnia, night sweats? - you know it! That's exactly why they paired today's chat with a delicious and energetic "Espresso Martini".

Todays sip recipe
Details on menopause causes, symptoms, treatments, and a jillion other facts and tips quoted during today's episode from the article at:

They also provide the following list for anyone who wants to learn more or just wants somebody to talk to who gets it:

Top Menopause Instagrammers and Bloggers
- @drannacabeca
- @megsmenopause
- @50sowhatofficial

Top Menopause Podcasts
- The Happy Menopause
- The Flipping 50 Show

Top Menopause Support Groups and Non-Profits
- The North American Menopause Society
- Red Hot Mamas
- American Society for Reproductive Medicine
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