Niki Brantmark - In Conversation


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A slight departure from the normal guests we invite on this episode of the podcast. Rather than an artist or an art influencer, we are in conversation with visual influencer Niki Brantmark, founder of the phenomenally successful award-winning blog and best-selling author of three interior and lifestyle publications. is a daily blog with over half a million page views per month and 360K followers on Instagram. Over the past decade, the blog has featured homes and interiors from all over the Nordics providing a visual feast of the Scandinavian aesthetic.
Art and interiors function in parallel to enhance the environment and experience within a home. Niki shares her understanding and experience surrounding lighting, materials, colour pallets which define the Nordic interiors and very much the Scandinavian approach to life.
Placing art in a home is as important as understanding the light sources, flow and function of a space and we hope this conversation provides some inspiration from Scandinavia, via two British ex-pats!
Visit our Podcast Instagram to view images from Niki's Blog and @nordicartagency to view the gallery.

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