Surveying the Social and Cultural Impacts of COVID-19


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Months into the novel coronavirus pandemic, researchers around the world are working to understand its effects on people’s attitudes and behaviors. How do people feel about isolation and lockdowns? What kinds of media are we consuming, and how do those media affect our knowledge of COVID-19 and our social distancing practices? What are people willing to sacrifice for the economy?
Northwestern University assistant professor of sociology Beth Redbird spoke about her efforts to find answers to these and other questions through an ongoing large-scale, nationally representative panel survey she is leading in conjunction with a team of interdisciplinary researchers. Redbird discussed the topics being surveyed, present some early findings and outline next steps. She was joined by Tymofii Brik, an assistant professor in policy research at Kyiv School of Economics, who discussed a comparable effort in Ukraine.
This is part of the Northwestern Buffett Institute for Global Affairs’ Confronting COVID-19: Global Implications and Futures webinar series.

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