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Join Kosta and his guest: Kimberly Best, Owner of Best Conflict Solutions, focusing on Collaborative Problem Solving in Healthcare, Small Business Mediation and Conflict Management, Organizational Conflict, Elder Mediation, Family and Relationship Mediation. Kim is a TN Rule 31 listed Civil mediator and a TN Rule 31 trained Family Mediator and Author of How to Live Forever: A Guide to Writing the Final Chapter of Your Life Story.
Today we’re talking about end-of-life planning, how to approach the unapproachable conversations and the most impactful tools to ensure your legacy is preserved forever.
In this episode: The last taboo topic: death, the importance of end-of-life planning to ensure that our loved ones wishes are honored and that their legacy is preserved, understanding having open, honest conversations about death and dying can be difficult, but it is important to have these conversations in order to properly plan and how to make actionable steps for your final chapter: including a checklist of necessary legal documents and information that should be provided to family members.
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