Episode 84: Reviewing The Story of Metroid Dread (Spoilers!)


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As the title implies, BIG SPOILER WARNING HERE!

Still with us? Good! Buckle in, because we are going long discussing everything we saw in Metroid Dread. Were we disappointed the Galactic Federation was left out of the story completely? Was this a sequel to Fusion, or was it really a sequel to Samus Returns? What did we think of finally meeting the Chozo and learning about their different tribes? How did we find Raven Beak as a villain? What was up with Adam? Was Samus not emotive enough? Did we like the EMMI's true mission? And how incredible was it when the [REDACTED] showed up mid-game?

All this and more, PLUS, come hear our thoughts on Sora as the last Smash Bros. fighter!


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