Being Authentic with Yesenia Cisneros | Lead Producer @ Brass Lion Entertainment | Ep 17


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On Episode 17 of the Game Developer's Podcast Out of Play Area hosted by John R. Diaz we sit down with Lead Producer at Brass Lion Entertainment Yesenia Cisneros a Queens New York City Native with Chinese - Ecuadorian roots and we talk about what's it like breaking into games, working in eSports, transitioning into QA, and finally as a Producer at a place that she's so relieved she gets to bring her authentic self to work every day.

  1. (00:00) Who is Yesenia Cisneros
  2. (08:29) Welcome First Producer
  3. (16:44) Code-Switching & Sneaker Shopping
  4. (19:54) Day in the Life of a Producer
  5. (33:12) How Did You Get Into Games?
  6. (36:40) Halo 2 & PAX Throwback
  7. (42:41) Xbox Live Enforcement Team Op
  8. (48:07) Working in QA
  9. (52:50) Pokemon Producer
  10. (01:01:25) Production Tips & Networking
  11. (01:07:21) Books, Games, Office & WFH Life
  12. (01:19:58) John's Final Thoughts
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