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  • Carl Oswald
  • Interview
  • Paxson Woelber

Much of Alaska’s landmass is covered in water. During the winter when those lakes and rivers freeze solid, and if the snow isn’t deeper than an inch or so, all that frozen water makes for great ice skating! Around the world, people have been ice skating for a very long time. But recent advances in skate and binding technology, including the popularity of “nordic skates”, have made recreational skating more comfortable and convenient than ever before. Skating on natural ice in Alaska allows access to places that can be difficult or inconvenient to reach when ice-free, like Portage Glacier, the far side of Eklutna Lake, or other remote lakes, rivers, and swampy areas all around the state. This week on Outdoor Explorer, we’ll be talking with Carl Oswald, President of the Anchorage Speedskating Club, and Paxson Woelber, a nordic skating enthusiast who has begun manufacturing his own line of nordic skates. We’ll discuss everything skating: equipment, safety, places to skate, “wild ice”, skating adventures, and skating programs.

HOST: Adam Verrier


  • Carl Oswald, President of the Anchorage Speedskating Club
  • Paxson Woelber, a nordic skating enthusiast


BROADCAST: Thursday, October 14 th, 2021. 10:00 am – 11:00 a.m. AKT

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