Episode 19: Outdoor Play with Emily Isenbarger


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Today I’m talking with Emily Isenbarger. Emily is a podcast host of the Happy Outdoor Family podcast. She first published her podcast a few weeks before I released mine. I’ve enjoyed listening to her podcast and talking with her about podcasting. Emily does a great job at prioritizing outdoor play for her three daughters and has homeschooled them for the last few years. Now her oldest daughter has started attending public school. She’s thriving in this new environment, but it’s added some challenges on how to incorporate plenty of outdoor play into her daily routine. Emily has gotten creative! From running laps around the house after school to doing early morning playground time, Emily is ensuring her daughter is still getting the outdoor time she needs to thrive! Our conversation is all about outdoor play and how to sneak in more outdoor playtime on a public school schedule.

Emily's favorite outdoor gear: a metal bucket!

Tinkergarten classes: https://tinkergarten.com/

Happy Outdoor Families link: https://anchor.fm/emily-isenbarger

Happy Outdoor Families Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/happyoutdoorfamilies/

Outdoorsy Families Website: https://www.outdoorsyfamilies.com/

Outdoorsy Families Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/outdoorsy.families/

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