What Must I Do to be A Good Protestant?


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In history and geography, Presbyterians are adjacent to Puritans, which makes them "hot" Protestants in the sense that they exhibit forms of piety more intense, more holiness forward than other confessional Protestants. That is the reputation anyway for British Protestantism in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. Over time, Presbyterians became synonymous with "God's frozen chosen" because their worship is and remains (for some) so dull and lacking in energy.

Heat and cold are not the best descriptors of piety.

Behind measurements of pious temperature is a bigger question about how to practice your faith once you have found out, "what must I do to be saved?" Do Presbyterians have a more ardent piety Anglicans and their prayer books or Lutherans and their daily prayers? What does it mean to be a good Anglican, or a good Lutheran, or a good Presbyterian?

In this conversation, co-hosts, Korey Maas (Lutheran), Miles Smith (Anglican), and D. G. Hart (Presbyterian) talk about expectations for piety and being a member in "good standing" within their own parishes and congregations and also in the larger Anglican, Lutheran, and Presbyterian traditions. How much Christian devotion is too much? Can you even ask that question? Confessional Protestants have answers and also more questions.

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