Part-Time Fanboy Podcast: Ep 404 David A. Rodriguez Adds Up Adventure and Fantasy in Finding Gossamyr!


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Finding Gossamyr presents a fantasy world unlike any other. In the world of Gossamyr, magic is a discipline that is mastered through the understanding of mathematics. As long as you can understand and solve math equations, you can wield sorcery. This week, Kristian sits down with the co-creator of Finding Gossamyr, writer David A. Rodriguez, to discuss the re-issue of his graphic novel through Th3rd World Studios about a fantastic world held together by mathematical magic and the pair of siblings who stumble into it. They discuss David crafting a world in which sorcery is built on the foundation of numbers and formulas (especially when he wasn’t too keen on math to begin with), working with his co-creator and artist Sarah Ellerton, and how he approached writing a story in which one of the main protagonists is on the autism spectrum.

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