Part-Time Fanboy Podcast: Ep 407 Samuel Willis and Tre Primm Raze Some Zombie Mayhem on Kickstarter!


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Samuel Willis and Tre Primm have been friends since middle school. Sam had aspirations of becoming a video game designer, dreaming of making a zombie themed game. When he realized that creating an actual video game on his own was too herculean a task, he turned towards his love of comics. Recruiting Tre, as well as members of his own family, Sam convinced Tre to help him by drawing the book. There was only one problem: Tre didn’t really know how to draw. This week sees the launch of their project on Kickstarter called Raze. Raze is a decidedly different take on the zombie genre which involves a very new and terrifying method of transmission of their undead plague. This week, Kristian chats with Sam and Tre about why they decided to created their own zombie book when the market is flooded with hordes of zombie stories, how they came up with a method of infection that seems impossible to avoid, and what drove Tre to take on the illustration duties of a comic when he admittedly had no desire to actually draw a comic book!

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