Andrew Roffe On How A Shift In His Work Ethic Has Lead Him To Find His Greatest Successes Yet


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Andrew Roffe answers the most important question on Paul, and everybody else's mind, "why are you gay?" We also find out what it's like touring the country in a 14 seater van and opening for viral internet comedic sensation, Wisconsin's Charlie Berens. Even though this episode came in a little late for Pride month we still delve in to Andrew Roffe's personal life, even going as far as using this platform to find him a potential partner. In this episode you will learn:

1. How improv training helps you become a better stand up, quicker.
2. How a positive shift in your work ethic will lead you to more successful business opportunities.
3. How owning a t-shirt company is a horrible idea.

"I could be a training wheels gay for a homophobe. I'm a very safe and non-threatening gay person." - Andrew Roffe

Andrew Roffe graduated from the famed Second City Conservatory in Chicago. Some of his TV/Film credits include Year One, Think Like a Man, Maron, and Trophy Wife. He is a comedy writer on the award-winning film Purpose Over Prison starring Romany Malco and Regina Hall. Andrew performs across the country with internet sensation Charlie Berens.

He can be found on Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / TikTok at @ASAP_Roffe

Paul Vato is an on camera and voice actor, improvisor, podcaster and entrepreneur.

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