138: Bay Area Pet Fair Highlights, Part 1, in Pleasanton, California


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The Bay Area Pet Fair, hosted by Pet Food Express, is on Saturday and Sunday, September 16 & 17, from 10:00am to 5:00pm. In Pleasanton, California at the Alameda County Fairgrounds. It is California’s largest pet adoption event, and the goal is 1,500 adoptions.


Thanks to Drew Saldivar and Hannah Lee, high school volunteers from College Park HS in Pleasant Hill, CA. Paul Renaud is their Advanced Media Communications teacher.

Use the minute markers to fast forward to your favorite interview.

1:54 Drew Saldivar, high school videographer

3:32 Kelly Miott, Oakland Animal Services

5:23 Terry Messer, FurEver Animal Rescue

6:58 Sarah Chambless, Pawsitive Connections

8:07 Jody Somel and Yolanda Gutierrez, Westside Animals for Adoption

9:27 Jill Marsh, No Paws Left Behind / Bella Vita Rescue / Andrea's Dream Rescue

11:14 Rosalyn Simon, TriValley Animal Rescue

12:29 Susan Hanna, German Shepherd Rescue of Northern California

14:47 Paulette Murillo, Dusty Paws Rescue

15:45 Jazmine Salazar, The Milo Foundation

16:42 Isabelle Cnudde and Lori Woods, Animal Place

18:56 Celine Dion, SaveABunny

20:48 Steve Amos and Virginie Adruga, Contra Costa Animal Services

24:15 Joseph O'Donnell, Berkeley Humane

26:19 Luis Sanchez, Pets Lifeline

28:33 Debbie Christian, Sonoma County Animal Shelter

30:53 Darlis Manning, attendee

Harold and Nancy will be at the Bay Area Pet Fair conducting interviews! Make sure to visit our booth and say hello.

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