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Another Episode and another section! Follow Steve, Jon, and Rik through the world of gaming both big and small, with all the weeks news and events. As well as news and opinion from the wider gaming world, this week we start with not one but TWO dedicated segments In the Capn's Cabin, get all your news and opinion on Sea of Thieves, the Shared World Adventure Game from Rare Ltd. Building up to release we'll be keeping you as in the loop as possible, as well as throwing hearty speculation at the walls to see waht sticks. In an entirely different cabin somewhere on a starship you can find Discussion Dangerous, our look into the happenings of our favourite space sim from Frontier Developments, Elite Dangerous. Whatever's your poison you can keep up with us at PB in all the usual places via the links below, and keep tuning in for more prizes and exclusive interviews, coming soon!

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