Episode 87 - Federal Rules Changes and the Social Safety Net - Steve Catanese


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Steve Catanese, President of SEIU Local 668, joins the podcast to talk about various Trump Administration proposed rule changes that would affect many social safety net programs that help Pennsylvania families get back on their feet. Steve also discusses how members of the public can voice their opinion on these proposed rules—and why doing so is so important. TO SEND PUBLIC COMMENT: - Comment on SNAP regulation concerning eligibility: https://www.regulations.gov/comment?D=FNS-2018-0037-0001 - The comment periods are closed for the other two proposed rules discussed, but members of the public can email comments about Wagner-Peyser to: ETAPagemaster@dol.gov and comments about the poverty threshold to the White House's contact page: https://www.whitehouse.gov/contact/ as Mick Mulvaney is both the head of OMB and Trump's CoS.

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