Ep 47 "Nasty Woman" with Chel


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Hey peaches!! This week I am talking to Chel!

For most of her life, Chel was told that she did not have the looks nor the body type to succeed in the music industry. When her first opportunity came along, she was bullied online, mocked, taken advantage of, and stolen from. Instead of giving up, however, Chel prevailed, and has since become an Indie-Pop powerhouse and a role model for droves of young women. With well over a million loyal social media followers, Chel has been featured in outlets like Hollywood Life, Flaunt, Billboard, Sports Illustrated IG, Celebmix, Ladygunn, The Deli Magazine, St. Louis Post Dispatch and Sweetyhigh, while her brand endorsements include FabFitFun, Fashion Nova, GitiOnline, and Good American. Her most recent single, “Nasty Woman," is an anthem for every woman who has been made to feel inferior.

TW: Mention of weight gain

You can listen to Nasty Woman on YouTube here

And you can connect with Chel on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook @musicbychel, on Spotify as CHEL.

Chel's website is www.musicbychel.com

And you can connect with me in the following ways:

IG and Twitter @katieiswinnen

Email me! peachpleasepodcast@gmail.com

Bye peaches!

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