Ep 60 "Your body takes up beautiful space" with Molly Donahue


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Hey peaches!!

This week I am talking to Molly Donahue!

Molly is a fat artist based in Chicago and is the owner/operator of MissSpentLife's Fat Art Shop. Molly has been drawing fat babes for over 6 years, and within the last year has opened her shop to the fat babes of the world. She feels that she has found herself through this art and exploration of fatness and self-expression.

TW: mention of ED, diet talk

You can find Molly's friend @spellboundsketches on TikTok

And can connect with Molly on IG @missspentlife, on her website www.missspentlife.art and on TikTok @missspentlife

And you can connect with me in the following ways:

IG and Twitter @katieiswinnen

Email me! peachpleasepodcast@gmail.com

Bye peaches!

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