Nikhil C. Munshi, MD - The Road to Remission in Multiple Myeloma: Expert Guidance on Using BCMA-Targeted Options to Enhance Clinical Outcomes


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Go online to to view the activity, download slides and practice aids, and complete the post-test to earn credit. Are you fully prepared to safely integrate BCMA-targeting options into the care plan for your relapsed/refractory multiple myeloma (MM) patients, including treatment with antibodies, bispecific agents, and CAR-T cell therapy? Find out in this expert-led MasterClass and Case Forum recorded at the Annual Hematology Meeting. Watch our experts as they offer learners guidance on the “road to remission” in MM, and hear how recent advances with BCMA-targeted therapies can directly lead to enhanced outcomes in the most challenging treatment settings. Throughout, the experts also provide case-based guidance on therapy selection with BCMA antibodies and CAR-T therapy, and illustrate how evidence-based practice can optimize delivery of care in pretreated disease. Get on the “road to remission” for your patients, and receive CME/MOC credit today! Upon completion of this activity, participants should be better able to: State the current evidence and rationale that support the treatment roles of novel BCMA-targeting platforms, including antibody-drug conjugates, bispecifics, and CAR-T therapy, in relapsed/refractory disease; Select personalized, evidence-based regimens with novel anti-BCMA options based on patient preference, disease prognosis, and functional status, among others; and Develop strategies for addressing practical aspects of BCMA-targeted therapy in RRMM, including issues related to dosing/scheduling, patient counseling, and unique safety considerations such as cytopenias, infusion-related events, ocular toxicity, and cytokine release syndrome, among others.

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